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Art Education

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New Classes Starting Now In San Francisco!

Learn art from a master of iconography and restoration.

Both private and group lessons are available in all the following areas of art:

  • Iconography
  • Portraiture
  • Still Life
  • Fresco
  • Composition
  • Drawing
  • Oil Painting
  • Water Color Painting
  • Gold Leafing
  • Landscapes

Many students are learning to draw pictures and paintings better than they ever imagined they could. I am an expert not only at painting and iconography, I have many years experience as a teacher. I am skilled in helping people discover their artistic talents. I can help you too.

Please contact me today to arrange for an initial visit. I will help you plan a schedule that will help you grow your artistic talents.


How long is a lesson?

Lessons should be for at least three hours. This provides more than enough time for setup, learning, practice, and for critique. However, to avoid artistic fatigue, I don't usually recommend more than 5 hours in one session.


Materials such as gold leaf are not included,
because I buy a lot of materials, I can provide these materials at
very reasonable prices using my professional teacher discounts.

Spring and Summer 2011

Individual study session, minimum of 4 hours, per session $500

Group study sessions for 3 - 5 people $300 per person

Can I receive recognition for my lessons?

After successful completion of at least 46 hours of study i can give a
certificate of hours completed. Though a full course takes 150 hours to complete.
This certificate is recognized by the Berkeley GTU Institute,
due to my teaching affiliation with this school.


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