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Articles: Famous Icon Quotations

Quotes About Icons

  • "Show me the icons you venerate and I will show you what you believe." - St. John of Damascus
  • "Icons are in colors what the Scripture are in words: witnesses to the Incarnation, the fact that God has come among us as a person whom we can see, touch and hear, to offer us the new life and begin the new creation." - 7th Ecumenical Council held in Nicea in 787
  • "The artist is to show Christian theology through the art of colors as in a book that had a tongue to speak with. For the silent image can speak from the walls where it is seen by all, and there it renders the greatest service"... - St. Gregory of Nyssa
  • “Creating an icon doesn’t feel like painting. It feels like writing and, in fact, what is portrayed cannot contradict written Scripture.” - Marek Czarnecki, Iconographer
  • Byzantine paintings include the wall paintings, portable icons, mosaics and the painted manuscripts that were produced by the artists of the Greek Empire of Byzantium. Luke the Evangelist was the first recognized Iconographer who painted icons representing the Holy Virgin and the Apostles Peter and Paul. -
  • “When painting an icon we place ourselves in eternity, we forget about space, time and perspective; we forget even about ourselves. The iconographer, through prayer, must descend into the infinite dimensions of his soul. There he finds the Temple of the living God; there is the source of good iconography”. - By Fr. Roman Braga, Dormition Monastery Rives Junction, Michigan



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